Papatheodorou: «The team has made a huge effort»

Ilias Papatheodorou talked about the game against Ifaistos for the 16th day of the betshop Basket League both about how the game was lost and about what comes next.

“We lost at home while we were trying to match up the energy and weren’t able to follow the tempo. I think we played well after 15’. We were controlling the game in defense and creating the necessary situations to give us easy buckets in the offense. We lost by a shot at the last second. Congrats to my players for the daily effort they’ve been making”.

About the fact that that PAOK had one assist in the third quarter: «If you take open shots and you don’t make them, you can’t have assists. That’s what happened at the OAKA. We were taking open shots and missing them».

On whether the team has lost motivation after the elimination from the BCL: «The team has made a huge effort. You cannot be playing for a whole season the same. When you begin with 15 players and you now have 10, it’s hard. That’s why the team deserves a lot of credit for the effort it has been putting in».

On whether he thinks the team will have no motive for the remainder of the season: “I think that the danger is well behind the team. I don’t know about the personal reserves each one has to finish the season. It’s important what the individual levels of endurance and expectations everyone has had for themselves were. We have tried very hard and have brought the team to a very good standpoint. Given the circumstances at hand, we need to bring the team as high as possible. The team has succeeded its goals with the Greek Cup and the BCL even under not normal circumstances. Yesterday, we were 9 people at practice and the day before that, only 8. If anyone coughs, we are worried that something might happen. We were not aiming either to win the BCL or the Greek League. We hadn’t played a final in 20 years and we almost won a title. We have been really competitive with both the BCL and the Greek League”.

About his personal goals for the remainder of the season: “What I want, I cannot achieve, because we don’t have the right circumstances. I want to win the championship, I want to play the finals, I want to try for the 3rd seed. However, circumstances are defined the administration. We have a certain ceiling. When you lack the means there’s nothing you can do”.

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