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Apollon Patras Carna – PAOK mateco: 65-88

PAOK mateco gained the 4th place on the standings for the regular season, after easily producing an excellent win with 65-88 against Apollon at Patras. As far as the regular season, our team managed to make its 13th victory, but also secured the fourth place on standings and the advantage in the first phase on play-offs, combined with Promitheas loss. The opponent of PAOK mateco will be Promitheas, in a series that two victories are being demanded, so that our team will be qualified to the semi- finals of Basket League.

PAOK mateco was the best on court since the game started and the three-pointer Riley raced into a 2-10 lead for our team in 3’ and maintained the control in defense and offense, while the first quarter was over with a 12-point difference (13-25).

The second quarter began with a 0-4 lead and PAOK mateco created a 16-point outcome (13-29). The hosts tried to recover in the game and at some point they did (20-29), but Hands came up with a plan and created a double-digit difference (20-32), with a «goal- foul». Apollon made a big effort so they could turn the tide, while they reduced at 5 points (29-34) in the middle of the second quarter. Nate Renfro was our guardian angel and was the absolute dominant in both of baskets, so just like that PAOK mateco ended the halftime with a double-digit difference (34-45).

In the third period, the game had the same rhythm. The hosts made another try to reduce the difference, but PAOK mateco had a solution and preserved the double-digit difference (48-59 25’), while Franke extended to 14p. (49-63 26’). Our team made an impressive ending in the third quarter by even leading with 21 points (49-70) and got into the final stage with a 16-point lead (56-72).

Apollon made a final try to change the score but PAOK mateco had already the answers with the three-pointers: Riley, Sibert, Franke, which they helped our team to extend the difference to 20 points (63-83 34’30’’). After that, the game acquired a procedural meaning.

Quarters: 13-25, 34-45, 56-72, 65-88

APOLLON PATRAS CARNA: Griffin 12 (4), Verge 11 (2), Davis 5, Bogris, Vissariou, Syla 10, Filippakos, Karampelas 6 (1), Calhoun 3(1), Kogionis, Mack 16 (2), Mastrogiannopoulos 2 .

PAOK mateco: Franke 17 (3), Riley 12 (3), Tsiakmas 7 (1), Hands 12 (1), Margaritis 7, Polley, Slaftsakis 2, Konstantinidis, Sibert 11(3), Kaklamanakis 2, Kamperidis, Renfro 18 .

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