Flevarakis: «We made mistakes at the most critical part of the game»

Kostas Flevarakis pin-pointed the mistakes PAOK made in the fourth quarter, after the end of the game against Falco Szombathely in Hungary for the 2nd day of the 4th group of the Basketball Champions League.

«Some of our players were not having a good day. Nevertheless, we managed to be ahead during the first three quarters, but lost the game in the fourth one and that’s something that has happened again this season.

We succeeded in remaining in the game for the first 35-36 minutes, but during the last 5, at the most critical point in the game, we made mistakes that determined how the game would evolve. Falco fought for 40 minutes in a game with good atmosphere.

For us, it was yet another game we got to face the same problem. We fought, but in the last minutes, when we should be fresh and with more energy so as to find the way to get the victory, we did not make it.

We missed 10 free throws, while we also had a foul problem with the big guys and especially with the 5 fouls on Zisis Sarikopoulos that did not allow us to have him on the court at the end.

We have a long way ahead. We are only at the beginning of the process. You know that we have had a very small pre-season and we need to take a step forward at every game and soon find a way to be better».

Adam Smith represented PAOK’s players at the post-game and stressed:

«We did not succeed in getting anything positive from the game against Falco. We played against a very good team. We played a good game for three quarters, but the mistakes we made in the fourth one decided the actual winner of the game».

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