Papatheodorou: «We played total basketball; allow us to enjoy what we're doing»

Ilias Papatheodorou talked about PAOK's very good performance during the game against Lavrio for the 21st day of the betshop Basket League, as well as about the problematic aspect of the officiating, during the Press Conference that followed the end of the game.

In specific:

"Congratulations to everyone. We played very good basketball. We have had good execution and good decision making. I would also like to congratulate the team of Lavrio for having invested in young players and has given them a protagonist role in a very demanding league. Despite having gone through a troublesome period, they did not change their plan. They have given them what they need to showcase their talent and they deserve the credit. These things deserve to have the spotlight on them and are very important".

About the fact that PAOK seemed to be having ups and downs: "PAOK cannot be playing a single tempo for 40 minutes. No team in Europe can. We have 99 points, 23 assists, 22 twos and 10 threes. We played total basketball. We can't be saying we had ups and downs. We are not playing alone on the court".

About Phil Goss and William Hatcher getting few minutes in the second half: "Antonis Koniaris had a very good day on both ends of the floor and at the same time Thodoris Zaras was very good with his decision making. I think that when some players are in a good day, then they need to be getting what they deserve. We have an issue with the "3" position and we get to play for a lot of time with Milenko Tepic but this also has to do with the opponent's line up".

About whether there is a chance to add a player in the "3" position: «For this to happen there are certain pre-requisites. If they can happen, we are ready».

About the officiating of the game: «It was a special game today. We have had many fans at the gym thanks to the "PAOK day-basketball day" event. A very good game was been played up to a point and then others decided they wanted to become the protagonists. We cannot solve this now and certainly it's not the

responsibility of the coach or the players to solve it. You cannot be getting refs out of a 100 men pool for the A1 category. There's nothing like that in the whole planet. To get to the top professional category, I had to have a 20 year course behind me! How are these people evaluated? With what criteria? What is their experience? One calls one way, the other one another way. One call unsportsmanlike on a play and the same play is a normal four of the other one.

We are talking about a big and complex problem. There are many involved who can't find a solution for this. We are also involved and we have once again fallen in the same trap. I mean please… Allow us to enjoy what we do. We put so much effort in it, we give all we've got, we have so many other problems and they don't let us enjoy. What else is there to do… I mean please…"

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