Ilias Papatheodorou: «We absolutely deserved the victory»

Ilias Papatheodorou made a special mention on the fact that the game was extremely physical, during his comments following the end of the game against Aris.

In specific:

"We won against a great opponent, regardless of the shape they are in right now. These games are always important, both for prestige reasons, as well as ranking ones, as had been the case for us. We succeeded to control the game for 40 minutes in a tough court. I think we absolutely deserved to win".

On the total of 42 turnovers of the game: "We had prepared to play a very physical game. Aris plays very aggressive in defense, but what went on the court resulted on all these turnovers".

On whether PAOK had an offensive problem in the second half: "If they hold you, hit you, push you, kick you, how can you win? We have won and still, I'm upset about the quality of basketball. We came here to play basketball, what was all that for?"

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