Antwaine Wiggins lands in Thessaloniki

The wide smile on his face was indicative of the degree of his satisfaction on his cooperation with PAOK. Antwaine Wiggins arrived in Thessaloniki a little after 20:30 tonight, together with his wife and their two kids. He seemed content and said so in his initial statements, talking with excitement about his collaboration with PAOK.

“I’m really very excited. I have never played at this level in Europe. PAOK is the best moment of my career. I know that PAOK has a huge history and I’m very happy to be part of that as well, as well as about the fact that I’ll be living in such a beautiful city like Thessaloniki”, Wiggins commented upon his arrival and after inviting the team fans … “to be ready for a great season. We’ll be doing whatever we can to move ahead the most we can and what I want to tell them is LET’S GO PAOK”. He then got to talk about the team participating the Basketball Champions League: “It’s very important to participate such an important competition. I know that PAOK has had great tradition with European competitions and hopefully we carry it forward”.

Talking about the small time the team has before the official games begin, Antwaine pointed out: “Even if he had to play today or tomorrow, I’ll be ready. I can’t wait to play, either this happens today or in three weeks. I think that with hard work we are going to be ready”.

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