New #BeechBlog about an earthquake, second game VS Promitheas and birhday...

It was not an ordinary week! An earthquake, one more game against Promitheas, birthday with birthday cakes and surprises! New #BeechBlog is here. Enjoy!

Game day 16
Vs. Patras 6/3/2021
What it do babyyyy! *Kawhi Leonard voice* we are coming off a tough OT road victory last week in Larissa and we have another tough test this weekend with a home game Vs Patras. Before we get into this weeks game I’d like to say, I hope everyone in and around Larissa is okay after a 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit in that area earlier this week🙏🏼
A few guys on the team here did feel a little tremor, but nothing too serious! I didn’t feel anything, or at least I don’t remember thinking “the earth is shaking” 😅.

Alright, now to the game against Patras. We just played them in the cup semifinals before the break and lost in OT 😭. It was a tough and gritty game from start to finish. Our Defense was what kept us in the game as we didn’t play very well on offense, credit to Patras defense for that. We know what they are going to do and they know what we are going to do since we just played 3.5 weeks ago. They are a very talented team and if we want a chance to win again we need to play defense like we did last time. It should be a fun and competitive game, see y’all there (I wish🥲)

bday cake

As for the week leading up to the game off the court, I turned 27 This week 👨🏻‍🦳 I think i have A few grey hairs coming in up top too 🙄 but I’ll let my girlfriend see if that’s true when I get back and see her 🙈😂. A teammate also had his birthday the same day coincidentally, my guy (Anagnostis Popasovoglu) he turned 19... young buck 👶🏼 lol.... As a team we had that day off so it was a good day to catch up with friends and family via FaceTime for me! The team got us each cakes the next day at practice which were fire, is till have some left don’t worry I didn’t eat it all night one 😂
Also, I got a great birthday gift from my girlfriend Emma that day as well! It brought a tear to my eyes 🥺 She organized all my friends and family to send her a video of them wishing me a happy birthday! It was so sweet and perfect for the time as I have not seen any of my people back home since August! Thank you again babe it was the best gift I could have ever asked for! ❤️😘 If y’all what to check it out here is the link to it! You might not understand all of it, but what the heck I thought it was a great idea and I loved every minute of it!

Anyways, y’all know the deal, catch ya next week! #BeechBlog 😎

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