Beau Beech: “Fatigue, prep, but it all comes down to the will to win”

No Greek League game this week, but we have a huge game for the Greek Cup. PAOK is in the Semifinal and Beau Beech is here again with his new blog. A lot of things and thoughts about tonight’s game, but also some personal things about Vaneltine’s day. Enjoy…

Greek Cup Semi-Finals
Vs Promitheas Patras
Welcome, This is the so called Valentine’s day blog that I had mentioned in the last post. 👀 But before I get into that I have to speak first on the cup!

The final 4. Coming off a big road win at Iraklis the other day, we have a chance now at PAOK Sports Arena to advance to the Cup finals with a win Friday night vs Promitheas. It’ll be a tough game, not a lot of preparation time or rest, but it’s a huge opportunity for both teams! Fatigue and prep will be factors in this game, but it all comes down to the will to win. It Should be a fun and competitive game Friday night!

Now as for the Valentine’s Day aspect of the blog. What everyone really wants to read about, I am sure😂. Bear with me, I have just a few things to say!

beech emma

My girlfriend, Emma, as most of you probably know, is back in Kentucky teaching 2nd graders! It’s now our second Valentine’s Day apart and coming up on our second full season apart... 😕 crazy I know! Long distance isn’t the easiest that’s “5”-sure!!! (Inside joke lol) So as another Vday apart nears😩, I just wanted to say I love you, Emma❤️, and all that you do to make this easier for the both of us! I can’t wait to see ya again and hopefully not miss anymore holidays together in the future 👀😉😘. Also, enjoy your Valentine’s gift..... thru the Mail of course 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️ lol

And to everyone out there reading this, I hope you get the chance to do something special with your loved one on Valentine’s Day! ❤️

Y’all know the deal, catch ya next week. #BeechBlog😎

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