"We will need our best defensive performance of the season"!
PAOK is coming back for a home game aftter 2 weeks, and Beau Beech is here againa with hs brand new #BeechBlog! Enjoy...

Game day 15
Vs. Panathinaikos, 7/2/2021
Welcome back to the #BeechBlog! Let me tell ya a story. When we got home from our road trip last weekend it was late at night so I went to bed right away and didn’t realize that my water had shut off! 😱😅 

So when I woke up that next morning to use the bathroom and my toilet didn’t flush, i thought “that’s weird🤔”. I turned around to my sink next and I couldn’t wash my hands (don’t worry I have hand sanitizer and used that immediately 🙌🏼). I knew something was up! 
My water had worked fine before we left for our trip to Athens, so I was perplexed/confused to say the least. To make a long story short, the pipe got fixed the next day and I was able to use running water again 🙏🏼😂. 
I will say using the bathroom with no water was a new challenger. Anytime I used the bathroom I had to go downstairs to the spicket. Fill a bucket up with water, then pour it into the toilet to flush it. Also, no running water made doing dishes very difficult. Actually impossible! I wish I had that excuse all the time 😂 so as the day went on my dishes pilled up in the sink... 😬😅 but don’t fret, I got it all cleaned up and everything is back to normal here for me 🙌🏼😂

Now, as for the game Sunday. We play against the best team in the league, Panathinaikos. It is another tough game after playing @AEK and @Lavrio last week. Panathinaikos has lots of talent and size that creates problems for us. It’ll be a great test to see how we bounce back after 2 losses last week with a home game now. 
To win this game we will need our best defensive performance of the season!

Y’all know the deal, catch ya next week on the “Valentine’s Day edition” of the #BeechBlog😎❤️👀
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