"It all comes down to whom wants the game more..."
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Game 12
Vs. Iraklis 23/1/2021
We’re back in action, finally! Feels like a long time since we last played, but the time between games has given the chance to improve in areas of weakness as well as understand our opponent this weekend, Iraklis, even better. It’s a derby game Thessaloniki, with lots on the line! The intensity and pressure from both sides will be enormous for the full 40 minutes. We need to come out with a lot of energy and sustain that energy for the whole game. It all Comes down to who wants the game more, that’s how derbies work!

As for the past two weeks since our last game, I’ve been chilling. Playing video games with the boys in the free time 🎮. Trying to stay warm, sheesh it got cold quick 🥶 I mean the snow day was pretty cool. I’m not a huge fan of the cold/snow, but it is always cool to see it happen. I’m Just glad it doesn’t snow that often 🙌🏼😂 Also, Shoutout to ET (Elston Turner) for the picture this week! Lol


Anyways, things are starting to open back up In The city here which is awesome! Cant wait to be able to walk around and see the city again! Covid is hopefully starting to go away FOR GOOD!

Y’all know the deal, catch ya next week #BeechBlog 😎

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