"Get back to our winning ways"
The first home game of the new year is coming for PAOK and Beau Beech is here again with his new blog.Enjoy...

Game 11
Vs. Mesolongi BAXI, 9/1/2021

Another week, another blog! We have a home game this week which is always comforting. Coming off the loss to Peristeri last week 😥this is a huge game for us to get back to our winning ways and stay in contention for the playoffs. As every game in the Basket League it won’t be easy by any means. Mesolongi has quick scoring guards that play well together and they play fast as a team! It will be a good test for our transition defense to slow them down and keep them in front of us in 1 on 1 situations. If We take care of the ball and control the tempo we will have a chance to come away with a victory at home Saturday evening!

As for my week leading to the game, nothing new unfortunately 😬 lockdown is still in effect sooooooo you know how that goes. The grocery store, gym and apartment are the 3 places I go... oh and, Emma will love this🙈, lots of video games (Call of Duty - Warzone) in my down time 😂 I’ve been getting better, but I’m still not very good lol maybe like a C+ player at my best, just a above average.... on a good day 😅

Y’all know the deal, catch ya next week! #BeechBlog😎
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