Beau Beech: "One more gift Santa..."

The last game of the year is coming. The brand new #BeechBlog is here as well. Enjoy...

Game 9
Vs. Ionikos 27/12/2020
Happy holidays everyone! I hope everyone is getting the chance to spend time with their loved ones during this time of year 🎄and I hope everyone’s Christmas wishes came true like ours did last week in Rhodes😎, when we came out with a big road win against Kolossos.
Is it too late to ask for another Christmas gift Santa 🎅🏼? Or even ask for a new years gift (if that is that even a thing🙄?) Because a home win Sunday Vs. Ionikos is what I’d like to add to those lists😅. All joke aside, the game on Sunday is going to be challenging. Ionikos is playing really well coming Into this game winning 3 of the last 4. Offensively they have a lot of talent and can score from a bunch of different ways. Our defense will be put to the test on a big way! The better our defense slows them down or makes it difficult for them to get good looks the better chance we have of coming out of the game with a win. But, it’s going to have to be for the full 40 minutes. Any lapse in focus is all they need to get it going offensively. Coach has a good game plan for us to slow them down and to make them defend us as well so it will be a competitive game!


As for this week. I did a little sightseeing the day after the game while waiting for our flight with Malcolm and Jermaine as “tour guides” 👀. I definitely would go there for a vacation, what ya think Emma?🤔 Anyways, beside the sightseeing nothing much has gone on this week leading up to the home game against Ionikos. Facetime with my family back in Florida during the holiday and also with Emma and her family. Lots of video games and just chilling really. Made some fire shrimp fried rice the other day, not to brag 😏. Okay now I’m just rambling, happy holidays again everyone!!! Stay safe and enjoy the time with your people!

Y’all know the deal catch ya...... next YEAR (2021 is next week 😅) yeahhhh I should probably go work on my jokes...
#BeechBlog 😎

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