"Asking Santa a win and other Christmas stories"
The second game under coach Lykogiannis is a special one. Its also the last game before Christmas, so its a good idea for a Christmas gift, as Beau Beech said in his blog, via the official web site of the Greek League.
Enjoy #BeechBlog

Game 8
@ Rhodes 19/12/2020
Santa🎅🏼: What do you want for Christmas? 🤔
Me: Α win on the road against Kolossos!

I wish asking Santa for this win was that easy, but it certainly won’t be. Kolossos is a good team with good pace offensively, especially at home. We have been building up our system stronger and stronger each day with coach Lykogiannis. Building the chemistry to be at our best possible this Saturday. Our effort throughout the game defensively is the key for us to control their shooters and pace.

Speaking of Christmas, it’s just around the corner already. It doesn’t even feel like Christmas with all that’s going on in the world still #CovidProbs 🤦🏻‍♂️. But seeing the stores and shops driving back from practice with the lights up and decorations out reminds me “oh yeah Christmas is... 🤔 like next week” 😂.

It makes me think of Last year, in Germany, my brother (Spencer) and youngest sister (Eve, aka “weave” lol) came to visit me for a week which was awesome (photo)! We had a great time going to Christmas markets, shopping around, sightseeing, eating good food of course and then at New Years watching fireworks over the lake in the city center!

beau fam

Unfortunately, this Christmas, no family or loved ones will be visiting me here in Greece for obvious reasons 😷. Emma, my girlfriend, was supposed to make here maiden journey “across the pond” 🌎 this holiday season 😭. Or at least that was the plan from the day I signed with PAOK back in august. But I got one special gift from her before I left for Greece in August. She made me a series of letters for me to open on certain days throughout my time here to help me feel the Love half way across the world❤️ain’t she the sweetest for that?! They are all sorts of things, but So I know for sure I’ll have at least something to open on Christmas Day thanks to her 😊

Anyways, Merry Christmas and happy holidays 🙌🏼 y’all know the deal catch ya next after Christmas! #BeechBlog😎

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