Beau Beech: "We understand the magnitude of the game"
The only thing that matters at the end of this week. The rivalry game vs Aris. Enjoy what Beau Beech wants to share with us in his new #BeechBlog

Game 7
Vs Aris 13/12/2020
It’s DERBY TIME!!! And no I don’t mean the Kentucky Derby🏇🏻, Emma 😉. It’s Aris game day!!! The cross town rival of PAOK, a historic team of the Greece basket league and all of Europe. The history of the rivalry is unprecedented. I can’t even put into words what this game means to fans on each side. It’s bigger than BIG. And trust me, we as players understand the magnitude of the game. Playing against your rivals is what we live for as athletes. The competition is at the highest level, the focus to details, the crowd roaring after every single play all game long. Even without fans at PAOK Sports Arena the energy of the game will be different because it’s a rivalry game.

It will be a tough game against Aris, they are  playing well as a team lately, and to add to the difficulties we got a new coach, Coach Lykogiannis. Some of our guys have played for him before which helps make the transition easier for others with everyone helping each other to get on the same page in time for the game tomorrow. The last few practices have been good and very focused. As a team we that coach Lykogiannis has put in a good game plan for us to be successful in Sunday’s derby.

Buckle up for a good one Sunday in Thessaloniki’s biggest rivalry, PAOK vs. Aris.
Y’all know the deal, Catch y’all next week #BeechBlog 😎

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