Beau Beech in here with his new blog
Second game in a row, this time at home, and Beau Beech is here again with his new #BeechBlog

Game 6
Vs. Larissa 9/12/2020
Hello hello, We meet once again. Just a few days we played @AEK in a close game that we unfortunately lost. We played well as a team and made progress in areas that we had been working on in practice, although the final result  wasn’t what we wanted. We get right back to it though tomorrow against Larissa for the 3rd time this season already (1 cup game, 1 friendly game). So literally “we meet again”. It’ll be a tough physically we limited rest between games for both teams, but More so mentally with less time to prepare. The good thing for us is that we have seen Larissa twice already so we have a feel for them as a team and what they like to do. It’ll also be nice to play at the friendly confines of @PAOK sports arena!

Not much has happened off the court since Saturday’s game. A few practices, weight sessions, and film. Personally I’ve done some laundry 😂 and grocery shopped 🍌🥖🥔🥚🥓🥩🍗 and watched Netflix with my girlfriend (Emma, she is in the States still😭) through this “add-on” on Google Chrome called Teleparty. It let’s you and others join in a chat room kinda and watch a Show/movie “together” at the same time. It’s pretty cool and it makes the distance between her and i a little easier to deal with each day!

Anyways that’s all I got ya for y’all today, catch y’all soon! #BeechBlog😎

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