Zane Knowles: «Ready to sacrifice for the team»

In theory, Zane Knowles has no relationship whatsoever to Greece, Thessaloniki or PAOK, apart from the fact that he will be playing for the black and white next season. However, there are a few things that connect the 27-year old center from the Bahamas to all of the above.

First of all, it's his date of birth. Zane Knowles came into this world on Tuesday, March 17, 1992. That is on the same night that one of the toughest European moments in PAOK's history was written. The final in Nantes against Real Madrid! We forget about it (for obvious reasons) and move on the next one…

On the left side of his chest, there is a huge tattoo from the "300" move, which not only is his favorite, but the one that has marked his life as he explains to « For me, this is the best movie of all times. And it's not only the tattoo I got themed after it. I have my one brand named Z300 which also represents my motto in life and on the court. Never give up and fight to the end. That's why I believe that Greece is the ideal place for me to be right now».

Zane Knowles first contact with Greece, Thessaloniki and PAOK is nevertheless going to be delayed for a few more days. After flying out from Nassau yesterday, he got grounded in Miami since the international Florida airport is closed due to hurricane Dorian that's sweeping the southeast coast of the US and the Bahamas. But he's certain that … «playing for PAOK is the biggest challenge of my career. I'm really excited to have this huge opportunity to play for such a historic team like PAOK and I'll be doing it with all I've got». Turning to the "300" mentality once again, Knowles says to be ready to sacrifice for PAOK… «It's a new situation for me, but I only have positive thoughts about this cooperation. I'm excited to be playing for three competitions, especially for the Basketball Champions League, which I deem to be a great challenge. I play for the team, I like leaving everything I got on the floor and I'm ready to sacrifice for the team to achieve our goals».

How come a young kid from the Bahamas landed in the US to play basketball and is now a pro? «I began playing football and I was good, especially in defense. However, I was very tall, everybody

was telling me to play basketball, it all happened very fast. After a football practice and while waiting for my mom to pick me up, I tried to shoot a football in a basket. That was it. I fell in love with it. That sensation to watch the ball land through the ned», Knowles explains and goes on to say: «Two weeks later I quit football and picked up basketball and at 15 I had the chance to enlist to a US High School. My island does not offer opportunities for a kid to show their talent and most of the kids here don't make it. We decided I would be going to the States and I promised my mom I would be doing all I could to earn a scholarship to enroll in a college. That's exactly what I did. I won a four year scholarship and I did not let my family down. I graduated, became a pro and now I'm here, at the point where I can come to Greece and play for PAOK»

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