Adam Smith: «PAOK is a huge challenge…»

Adam Smith is excited about the challenge to be competing in the Basket League and the BCL with PAOK and at the same time, he's sending his own message to the fans of the team, asking them to massively support the team's effort in the new season. The American guard talked about his first communication with PAOK two years ago and also about JeQuan Lewis whom he knows from the collegiate years.

«The decision was not difficult at all for me and my family. I'm very well aware how important basketball is in Greece and I'm really excited with the prospect of cooperating with PAOK, since the moment the interest of my new team was communicated to me», Adam Smith says talking to and referring to the talks he has had with PAOK about two years ago, he clarifies: « Yes, it's true we came very close to signing a contract with PAOK. I talked about it with my family and I felt that it wasn't the best decision I could be making at that time. Now I think the moment is right».

Adam Smith is very familiar to the level of difficulty as well as of the challenges he will be facing during a season with double competitions, the Basket League and BCL. «I think it's a great challenge to me personally but to the team as will to be playing in two competitions. I really believe that playing them both is going to be very good for us, to keep up the rhythm, while also helping us with the chemistry».

Coming to play basketball in Greece, Adam Smith has great expectations is eager to meet with JeQuan Lewis, with whom he played against for the first time in the NCAA. « I know very well about the huge history of Greece and that of PAOK, the terrific fans, as well as how much Greeks love basketball», Smith pointed out and went on to say: « I remember the battles against JeQuan Lewis in college. He was a very tough opponent, a true play maker, that always plays strong defense and I'm excited about the fact that I'll be playing with him for PAOK».

Adam Smith also sent his own special message to the fans of the team: «What I would like to tell our fans is that I'm very excited

about the new season and I would like them to be feeling the same. We need their support and I believe that if we are together, we are going to be have an excellent season».

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