Goss: «It's an honor to have played for PAOK, I want to finish the right way»

Phil Goss talked about the game against Kolossos Rhodes, as well as about his decision to keep playing to the end of the season.

"It's a fact that we did not have all our players, but that's not an excuse. We tried to the end, did the best we could and what we need to do is to stay positive to the end.

Looking back at my career, I made a personal decision. I want to continue training and playing with my team till the end of the season and not give up.

I could be stopping right now and go back home and be with my son, but I decided that this is not the right thing for me to do as a person.

PAOK gave me a second chance when I thought my career was over. The team gave me the opportunity to keep competing.

I have made money throughout my 14 years in the courts playing professional basketball and factoring the chance PAOK gave me, I think it's only fair to continue fighting.

I never thought the team would come at this point in the beginning of the season. I have never dealt with something similar in the past but situations like these are not unusual in European basketball. I want to be remembered about how I played wearing this jersey and not as someone who gave up. It's my last season and I want to be remembered as a competitor and not as someone who left the team".

On whether he has said anything to his two team mates that are sitting out: «I haven't told them anything. They have the right to not play and maybe if I wanted to continue next season I would be doing the same. But Europe should take a look at this because this is a situation afflicting many teams. Each player is faced with a different situation; each one has the right to deal with it the way they say fit for them. For me, this is the right way to finish my career».

On whether he regrets not taking up the offer to join the Wizards' coaching staff last summer: «No I don't regret it. Not for

one minute. I was sure about my decision. I have been working hard all these years; it's an honor for me to have been playing for PAOK. If I hadn't had this offer from PAOK, I would have retired for sure; I didn't want to go anywhere else. I'm just sad about the team. I wish they find a sponsor to support the team. Euroleague would love to have a team like that in the competition, would love to have this city in the competition. This team deserves a lot».

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