Papatheodorou: «We were not thinking clearly in the second half »

Ilias Papatheodrou dwelled on the poor offensive game of his team in the second half of the Olympiacos - PAOK game for the 24th day of the betshop Basket League.

"First of all, congratulations to Olympiacos for a deserving victory. As for the game, we tried and succeeded in being competitive in the first half, controlling the tempo. We were ahead in the score for a long time, but we were very bad in our offensive game in the second half, both in execution and facilitation. Apart from some open shots that we created and missed, we did not have clear thinking that would allow us to use some advantages that we could have had in theory. That's why the margin opened up in the last quarter, since Olympiacos made some threes and won. I wish them all the best for what comes next".

On the problems Olympiacos has been having and if these threw PAOK off: "It's April 13. We have been having these problems since September 13, so sustenance has really diminished for these guys. Unfortunately, we haven't been the way we wanted to be for some time now. When you have an opportunity like today's, with last minute problems for Olympiacos, you can't just push a button and become a normal team again, go back in shape and be as effective as needed to win a game that you practically thought you would lose before it began. That's what happened today. We tried, but the team in not what it should be. We have been trying to find solutions, but it's a strained situation that has been the norm for quite some time now. It's not easy for us to go back to being normal. However, we have been trying, we don't want to give up. We would like to think that the team is going to get back in rhythm during the playoffs to finish the season the best way possible".

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