Hatcher: «We needed to react»

William Hatcher commented on the game against Panionios for the 23rd day of the betshop Basket League.

"We knew it was going to be a weird game against a team like Panionios that is not a bad team, they have talent, but they now play free, not being under pressure, for having already succeeded in keeping the category. The pressure was on us, that we needed to react, we really wanted to win following the defeat to Panathinaikos and do what we had to do to succeed in our goals".

On the team's improvement compared to the game against Panathinaikos: "We had a very small time; we didn't have a lot of time to prepare. I think that we had a better mental approach, despite allowing more points in the first half than we had wanted. We seemed to have more energy. The game against Panathinaikos was tough on us, but when you have another game that soon, you have to have a very short memory. We have to do the same on Saturday against Olympiacos and have better concentration".

About the performance of the team after the Cup final and the break: «The first thing that comes to mind after the break is injuries. We lost a player like Jamal Jones, who might not have been scoring a lot, but was helping in many levels. He's an athletic player, with energy, that can defend; who can make his shots and this had been a huge change in the team's plan. Now we have lost Schizas. We have had more, although lesser injuries after the break. For instance, I had not played against Cholargos. During such a long season, losing the rhythm is like switching on and off. We give our best, to play the best basketball we can in the playoffs. Injuries give you less options and that's the biggest change in my mind».

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