Jefferson: «The team has good rhythm»

Johndre Jefferson talked about the good performance of the team in the game against Lavrio, while he also talked about his personal performance that included 18 points and 9 rebounds…

His quotes:

«I feel we made a very aggressive start in the game. We wanted to offer the fans a good performance, better than the one against Ifaistos, when we lost the game and I think we succeeded».

On playing one game a week and the team getting the chance to rest: "I think that's the case. When we were playing two games a week, it was hard to prepare for all the games. Now we can focus better on any one opponent and we can plan better. We can rest more and I believe that thus we can perform better».

About his personal good performance: «I believe I played a good game and I want to continue the same. My team mates have role in that, because they give me the chance to score more easily. The team has good rhythm in its game and it seems it helps us finding more solutions in the offense».

About the better first half and its difference compared to the second one: «We had gotten a big lead in the first half which led us to relax a bit and the coach pointed that out. We wanted to continue the same. We did not keep up the rhythm and we seemed not to have energy».

On whether he preferred two games a week: «I don't have any particular liking. Like I said before, each thing has different advantages. One game allows you to prepare better. I think we should still be in the Βasketball Champions League since we played good against AEK, although not as good as we could have. I don't think however that one case is better than the other. The best thing would have been to have eliminated AEK».

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