AEK-PAOK: 62-63

PAOK beat AEK at the OAKA 62-63 for the second leg of the TOP-16 playoffs for the Basketball Champions League, but did not qualify to the quarter finals of the competition, due to the aggregate (75-84 loss in the first game). PAOK was superb defense wise, but was shooting very bad percentages from the perimeter, with only 4 out of 18 threes, and did not succeed to complete the upset.

PAOK made a good start in the game and with 5 points by Milenko Tepic got to lead 5-10 at 5'. However, AEK found solutions through facilitation by Jordan Theodore and closed the first quarter at +4 (18-14).

In the second quarter, AEK opened up the difference to +7 (23-16), but PAOK responded and a three by Thodoros Zaras tied the game 23-23. The guests nevertheless, weren't finding solutions in the offense, contrary to the home team that were scoring at the open court, resulting in leading 30-23 and closing the first half at +5 (32-27). 

AEK got a +9 margin in the beginning of the third quarter (39-30), but after the first minutes, PAOK seemed to 'wake up' and went ahead in the score (43-46) for the first time after the first quarter, closing the third one at +2 (45-47).

PAOK made the score 45-50 in the beginning of the fourth quarter thanks to a three by Phil Goss, but quickly received a partial 5-0, which tied the game 50-50. The two teams were battling head to head to the end, with PAOK trying to reach qualification covering for the -9 of the first game attempting threes that were however off target, which eventually led him to win the game 62-63, but not awarding the team participation in the quarter finals of the BCL.

Τhe quarters: 18-14, 32-27, 45-47, 62-63

ΑΕΚ: James 8, Sakota 6, Τsalbouris 3 (1), Maciulis 10 (2), Larentzakis 8, Griffin 8 (2), Theodore 2, Sant-Roos 3, Giannopoulos 3 (1), Hunter 11

PΑΟΚ: Jefferson 11, Chrysikopoulos 5, Schizas 2, Koniaris 4, Tepic 9 (1), Τsochlas 2, Μargaritis 10, Ζaras 3 (1), Hatcher 10 (1), Garrett 2, Goss 5 (1)

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