A pleasant afternoon in Chalkida (GS Kymis – PΑΟΚ: 73-90)

Linos Chrysikopoulos scored a career high 29 points leading PAOK to an emphatic victory in Chalkida (90-73) over GS Kymis. This was PAOK's 12th victory for the Greek League, in a game preceding the one against AEK for the BCL playoffs.

Linos Chrysikopoulos had 10 points very early in the game and PAOK was leading by 3 (19-22) at the end of the first quarter.

PAOK had complete control of the game and was leading by 9 (25-34) just before half-time. With a small line up coming up next (Koniaris, Goss, Tepic, Chrysikopoulos and Margaritis), PAOK got to lead with double digits for the first time in the game (28-40) with Chrysikopoulos being simply unstoppable. The international forward finished the first half with 19 points, PAOK got to lead by +14 (32-46) and finished the first half with a score of 34-46.

Our team continued with the same small line up and the same tempo into the second half and stormed through the game. Same with Chrysikopoulos who stopped at 29 points, while the difference even surpassed 30 points, with PAOK playing an amazing game in the second and third quarters, running a partial 22-50 during that time.

The fourth quarter was a mere procedure, and although the hosts closed in at 13 points (69-82), PAOK reacted and reached the victory with ease.

The quarters: 19-22, 32-46, 41-72, 73-90

ΚYMI: Horton 5, Suggs 18, Lewis 20 (3),Washington 10 (1), Kariniaouskas 5, Τsiaras, Poulianitis 6, Williams 6 (2), Μaragkos 3, Μitisibonas.

PΑΟΚ: Jefferson 14, Chrysikopoulos 29 (3), Schizas 1, Κoniaris 5 (1), Tepic 12 (1), Τsochlas, Μargaritis 8, Ζaras, Hatcher 11 (1), Garrett 4, Goss 6 (1).

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